Lost your instructions?

Lost your instructions?

We've got you covered

Segway-Ninebot provides the following manuals and instructions for your reference in understanding your Segway-Ninebot product or installing parts or new components.

Please check back occasionally for new and updated materials.

KickScooter ES Serie (ES1/ES2): NORWEGIAN Kick Scooter ES serien UM

KickScooter E Serie (E22/E25/E45): UM Kick Scooter E22 E25 and E45 Series EN FR DE IT SP POL

KickScooter MAX G30: NORWEGIAN Kick Scooter MAX G30 UM

KickScooter MAX G30D: NORWEGIAN Kick Scooter MAX G30 D UM

Segway Drift W1 e-Skates: UM Segway Drift W1 EN FR DE IT ES RU

Ninebot Gokart Kit: UM Go Kart Kit EN

Ninebot S: UM Ninebot S EN FR DE IT SP RU POL


Ninebot One S2: UM Ninebot One S2 EN DE FR IT SP RU

Ninebot Z10: UM Ninebot Z10 EN DE FR IT SP

Loomo Robot: UM Loomo Robot EN CH FR GE IT KR RU SP

Ninebot E+: UM Ninebot E ENG

Personal Transporter (PT) i2 SE and x2 SE: UM PT i2 SE and x2 SE EN


EU Declaration of Conformity :

KickScooter ES Serie (ES1/ES2): EU Do C Ninebot Kick Scooter ES1 ES2 ES4

KickScooter E Serie (E22/E25/E45): EU DoC Kick Scooter E22 E25 E45

KickScooter MAX G30: EU DoC MAX G30

KickScooter MAX G30 D: EU DoC MAX G30 D

eKickScooter ZING E8 and ZING E10: EU DoC Kick Scooter ZING E8 E10

Segway Drift W1 e-Skates: EU DoC Segway Drift W1

Ninebot Gokart Kit: EU DoC Ninebot Gokart Kit

Ninebot S: EU DoC Ninebot S

Segway S-PLUS: EU DoC Segway S PLUS

Ninebot One S2: EU DoC Ninebot One S2

Ninebot Z10: EU DoC Ninebot Z10

Loomo Robot: EU DoC Segway Robotics Loomo